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Weighted Sensory Toy

on March 19, 2014

Yesterday my son asked if he could take his cat Wed to school.  (Wed is essentially an opaque stocking filled with rice with personality.)  You see I’d be happy to send Wed to school except that, well, Wed is cat with a flatulence problem!  He also occasionally poops and pees on those who hold him…  All imaginary of course, and we don’t mind, because he is a source of great laughter…

Anyway, since my son asked to have Wed at school, and since he is a weighted sensory toy, and since my son never asks to take any particular sensory toy to school, I thought I’d make Wed a twin.  A twin with a more proper and polite personality, so that the class would be spared of hearing any rude sounds.

So, I thought you might like to know how to make one for yourself.

What you need:

  • 1 Pair of Opaque stockings in the thickest denier you can find, in the colour you want  (I used a denier of 80)
  • Scissors
  • 2 kg Uncooked Rice
  • Permanent Marker Pen to draw a face




1.  Cut off one leg from the crotch of the stocking

2.  Fill your stocking with rice



3.  Pull the stocking up, and tie a knot at the end


4.  Pull the remaining stocking inside out, over the stocking section with rice, then tie another knot

5.  Draw a face for your pet and enjoy





Enjoy your new weighted sensory pet, it is nice to have it sitting on your lap while doing school work, or just having a toy to cuddle, squish or stroke like a real pet.


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