Play ideas for little ones

Trapeze Ladder Daisy

on May 3, 2012

I purchased these swings to add to my swing set.  You can find them online, at large hardware stores or the ladder at K Mart.  There are plenty of other types of swings you can buy separately, and they are not very expensive.

My eldest son loves the Daisy swing the best.  It is very good for strengthening core muscles.

The trapeze can be used for little kids to hang upside down with assistance, but our rope is too long for the kids to hang from using their arms.

The ladder is great for pretending to be firemen!  I am usually asked to put my foot on the lowest rung to keep the ladder a little more steady.

It should be noted that the daisy swing needs room to swing from side to side, so I recommend not putting another swing immediately next to it.



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